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106Source IntegrationWebSVNpublic2010-02-23 04:542010-02-24 04:12
ReporterSebastian Mayer 
Assigned ToJohn Reese 
Product Version0.13 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary106: APPLICATION ERROR #0 on import
DescriptionIf I try to import data I get "APPLICATION ERROR #0" with a note that an error occured and I should contact the administrator.
I guess I configured something wrong, but I really got no idea what the problem is. Is there some kind of error log with a more detailed problem description or something?
Tried it with the SVN plugin (which I think is what I need) and WebSVN.
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Jan (reporter)
2010-02-23 09:47

Sebastian to my knowledge there is no log. I would try the following:

in SourceSVN.php insert the following line
var_dump(shell_exec( "$svn log -v -r $t_rev:HEAD --limit 200 $t_url 2>&1 1> /dev/null" ));
in the function import_full, right after the while( true ). This should give you more information.
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Sebastian Mayer (reporter)
2010-02-23 11:19
edited on: 2010-02-23 11:23

Thanks Jan for the help.

The error is raised in check_svn() because shell_exec( "$svn help" ) returns NULL.
So, what I did next was making sure the path to my svn binary was correct and executable (using PHPs file_exists and is_executable). I havn't figured out the problem yet, every svn command using shell_exec returns NULL...for example "ls" on the other hand works nice. I guess it's some permissions problem...any ideas?

Edit: I just saw tick 099, but that's not the problem for me as well. A simple shell_exec("/path/to/my/svn help") also returns NULL.

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John Reese (administrator)
2010-02-23 11:33

Can you please update from the latest Git master and try again?
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John Reese (administrator)
2010-02-23 11:35

Sorry, just saw your note. If shell_exec() returns NULL, please verify that PHP's safe mode is disabled, and that shell calls have not be disabled. Both options are set in your server's php.ini, and can prevent shell_exec from working.
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Jan (reporter)
2010-02-23 12:00

Sebastian also remember that you might be running the shell commands as a different user, compared to the web. In my case I had to give apache permission to run svn. Additionally, I had an issue with invalid certificates which caused shell_exec to return NULL. My root user had cached the error message and my response (accept permanently), while apache had not. So I had to create a home directory for apache, log in as apache and save the "p"ermanent.
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Sebastian Mayer (reporter)
2010-02-24 04:12
edited on: 2010-02-24 04:20

Safe mode is disabled and shell calls are enabled (shell_exec("ls") for example works).
The problem most likely is what Jan says...I can't change that though since I don't have root access :(
What confuses me a bit is the NULL, I'd expect something like "Permission denied".
The funny thing is I can use SSH via PHP and execute svn commands this way, so if everything else fails I can use your code as template and change it to use SSH.

Edit: I made a mistake! I tried shell_exec('/path/to/svn') yesterday, which returns NULL. shell_exec('/path/to/svn help') works! I'll try your updated version now.

Edit 2: Works now, so this was just a duplicate of 099. Thanks for the help!

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