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017Source Integration[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-04-12 22:022009-04-13 06:14
ReporterDavid Hicks 
Assigned ToJohn Reese 
Product Version 
Target Version0.14Fixed in Version0.14 
Summary017: Infinite change-set importing as a result of changes made in ticket 014
DescriptionFix 014 (commit 1e92fc01b352ea646e5adc0e306b3848f9dcf6ed) introduced the ability to poll the WebSVN/GitWeb/etc plugins for change-sets in a batch mode. A memory limit will be reached if too many change-sets are imported at once.

The problem is that the plugins currently:

a) Don't know how many change-sets to import per batch (this should be user configurable, or based on the PHP memory limit + maximum script execution time)

b) Don't know how many batches have already been read (and thus they currently import everything... infinite times)

It may also be necessary to refresh the import page multiple times (one refresh per 200 changesets for example) to avoid hitting the script execution time limit in place on many servers.

Additionally, the event EVENT_SOURCE_IMPORT_FULL should really be renamed to something more appropriate such as EVENT_SOURCE_IMPORT_BATCH_FIRST and EVENT_SOURCE_IMPORT_BATCH_NEXT. The current IMPORT_FULL event hook no longer does a full import. The same is applicable for EVENT_SOURCE_IMPORT_LATEST.
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John Reese (administrator)
2009-04-13 06:14

Fix committed to master branch.

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Source Integration: master ee45aa6c
Timestamp: 2009-04-13 13:05:01
Author: John Reese
Committer: John Reese
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Fix bug introduced by issue 014 for SVN full imports.
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mod - SourceSFSVN/SourceSFSVN.php Diff ] File ]

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2009-02-28 09:39 Changeset attached master af027143 =>
2009-04-12 22:02 David Hicks New Issue
2009-04-13 06:13 John Reese Changeset attached master ee45aa6c =>
2009-04-13 06:14 John Reese Target Version => 0.16
2009-04-13 06:14 John Reese Note Added: 007
2009-04-13 06:14 John Reese Status new => resolved
2009-04-13 06:14 John Reese Fixed in Version => 0.16
2009-04-13 06:14 John Reese Resolution open => fixed
2009-04-13 06:14 John Reese Assigned To => John Reese

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