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192Source IntegrationSFSVNpublic2011-01-22 12:042011-01-23 13:20
Assigned ToJohn Reese 
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Summary192: repo_import_latest does not work on CRON job
DescriptionIn the last point on [^] you say to "For Gitweb, SourceForge, or WebSVN integration, find your repository's ID, and setup a cronjob (or something equivalent) to run "curl" [^]

I'm doing exactly that, I have the up to date version of Mantis (1.2.4). Whenever I hit that URL I get an error, I think it's because the plugin was updated to use a security token on post/submit. This makes it impossible to cURL. Any ideas? See screenshot. That's what happens when I try to access the page directly.

It works fine when I do it manually through Mantis control panel though. (since it includes the security token).
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duplicate of 181confirmedJohn Reese mantisbt + git integration repo_import_latest&id=X got error #2800 

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jordan (reporter)
2011-01-22 16:05

I've tried checking off "Allow Remote Imports" and "Allow Remote Check-In" and it almost works. I get the same screen (seen in screenshot) but without the navbar.

...Still says I need a valid security token.
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John Reese (administrator)
2011-01-23 13:20

This is a documentation issue. Use "page=Source/import" rather than "page=Source/repo_import_latest".

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