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199ZNC Push[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-03-08 10:572011-03-16 08:14
Assigned ToJohn Reese 
Summary199: Enhancement: Option to pm user about notifo event
DescriptionIt would be nice, if notifo could send a query to users highlighting you on any channel in the form "Dear %USER%, %nick% is not connected to irc right now. Your message has been forward to him and will probably reach his phone, soon."

Would be perfect, if such a status query is only sent, when the notifo-send is triggered - so all the message conditions would also apply to the query.
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John Reese (administrator)
2011-03-16 08:14

I'm thinking that perhaps the best implementation of this would be to send a /notice to the nick in whatever channel/window they messaged you from. Eg, if "mark" mentions you in a channel, the module would generate `/notice mark something` if a notification was sent.

If you have a reason to prefer an actual message in place of a notice, let me know. However, I'd personally like to keep the response inline with the actual message so that it's more obvious, and doesn't force extra windows upon hapless users who randomly mentioned you.

I imagine I'll create a string option named auto_response, with a couple possible keyword replacements to personalize the message appropriately. I would definitely have this sort of feature disabled by default though, as the default notification conditions would likely result in a lot of unnecessary notices being sent. Eg, my personal setup notifies my if I've been idle for more than 5 minutes, which tends to result in quite a lot of notifications during a protracted conversation, but is still useful to draw my attention back to my terminal that's running Irssi.

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