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201ZNC Push[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-03-19 10:062011-03-25 10:35
Assigned ToJohn Reese 
Summary201: Enhancement: Push notifo-events to the internal webserver
DescriptionAfter you kindly added the expandable strings for url, i was about to handle the url so that my znc box gives back the log of the appropriate time.

then it struck me. znc got an internal extendible webserver. notifo gets hold of the event anyways - and can access the last X lines of that channel - with some minor work also the next X lines and put it to /mods/notifo/[random key] on the webserver.

that would be much much more easier and probably also more widely used than setting up a webserver which greps over the logs - which is much more complicated and also requires root access to the znc box.

from a user standpoint of this feature, all you must do (besides enable it) is supply the server name and port. so a url like [^] is added to the notifo message which shows the event plus the last/next X lines.
Additional Informationi understand this is a kinda huge effort - but i bet its very very useful. it would be kind if you contact me about you not going to implement this - i would maybe try myself then. already forked your github just in case (:
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John Reese (administrator)
2011-03-21 07:11

I would like to eventually look at creating a page in the web interface for modifying the options used by the plugin, and it would make sense to have a list of notifications available from a similar location, but I don't have the time right now to work on that due to other projects I'm working on. If you want to try your hand at implementing it, go for it.
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mad-murdock (reporter)
2011-03-25 10:35

looking into to when done with the cyanogenmod tablet tweaks project

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