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204ZNC Push[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-03-28 16:022011-07-18 00:31
Assigned ToJohn Reese 
Summary204: ZNC to Notifo not sending to Notifo
DescriptionI have complied the znc-notifo plugin and copied the to the modules folder and I am able to load in to ZNC and configured it with out any problems.

I am able to get anything show up on notifo, I haven't seen anything in the ZNC logs which would explain why its not working.

I have tried using the "send" command to send a message but to no avail, I have ran a TCP dump on the server and I am not seeing any attempts to send the message to notifo

Any ideas on how to get this working and any debugging I can enable to find out what the issue is?

Server is CentOS 5.5 32bit
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PayableOnDeath (reporter)
2011-03-29 13:04

Also using ZNC 0.096.
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John Reese (administrator)
2011-04-07 09:42

Sorry for the late response. Unfortunately, the plugin currently doesn't really use the znc logs, and it doesn't check the response from the Notifo servers, so it doesn't realize if there was an error. One of my planned tasks was to fix that so that it would look at the response and either post an error message to your client and/or the znc log if something went wrong.

As for how to debug it, first it would be prudent to make sure you're configuring it properly. The "secret" option should be your API key, not your normal Notifo password. See the updated readme for more info on how to find this.
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PayableOnDeath (reporter)
2011-04-07 13:55

I have been playing with more and I think I have found the cause of the issue.
I was testing with another ZNC User which I had connected to another IRC server and got it working on there, however the user I wanted to use it with still wasn't working and the config was the same, so starting looking at the a differences between the 2 users and after a while I have found out that if a user is connected to an IRC over IPv6 then ZNC to Notifo fails to send the message, if the user connects via IPv4 to the IRC server then the message is sent to Notifo.

Not sure what changes within znc when connected to an IPv6 IRC server which would cause the problem in the your module, it only seems to affect the sending of the alert to the Notifo API as the rest of the module seems to work fine.
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PayableOnDeath (reporter)
2011-04-10 01:15

I have run ZNC is debug mode and I see the following message comes up when sending a test message when connected to an IPv6 server.

(user) CLI -> ZNC [PRIVMSG *notifo :send testing]
Csocket.cpp:881 Connect Failed. ERRNO [22] FD [7]
MOD::C::notifo::user == SockError(Invalid argument)

Is this a ZNC issue or a ZNC to Notifo issue?
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John Reese (administrator)
2011-04-11 07:21

That's an interesting development. I wonder if the problem is that connecting over IPv6 prevents the ZNC Socket class from making an outbound connection over IPv4 for some reason. Based on the debug error, I would guess that it's a ZNC issue, although I could be wrong. One question I have is which version of ZNC are you using? Version 0.098 has updated to a newer version of Csocket, so I wonder if that could either have fixed or caused your issue, depending on what version you are using.
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PayableOnDeath (reporter)
2011-04-12 14:28

I am guessing that the message from ZNC to Notifo will be sent using ZNC's Csocket, in which case once the issue I have raised with ZNC regarding the problem I was having with a dual stacked bindhost is resolved then the I would think this would work too.

I did test with 0.098 and still saw the same thing.

Here is a link a to the issue I have raised with ZNC - [^]
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DrMacinyasha (reporter)
2011-07-18 00:31

Heard about Notifo and the ZNC module today from a friend, and ran into this bug due to using IPv6 to connect to servers. I found a commit for ZNC that looked promising: [^]

However, after installing ZNC from the latest source snapshot (ZNC 0.099-git-20110716-ea589120), I'm still having this bug, so it looks like it has yet to be fixed on ZNC's end. Bummer.

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