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211Source Integration[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-07-21 07:192011-07-22 02:23
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Summary211: Can't import from SVN
DescriptionUsing Source Control Integration 0.16.3. Mantis is installed on a RedHat machine.

We have an SVN repository accessible via HTTPS. I tried using

Name 	XXX
Type 	SVN
URL 	https://XXX [^]
Extra Info 	
  svn_username => string(7) "XXX"
  svn_password => string(8) "XXX"
  standard_repo => bool(true)
  trunk_path => string(0) ""
  branch_path => string(0) ""
  tag_path => string(0) ""
  ignore_paths => bool(false)

When I import the repository, however, it fails by saying (like in 108)

Requesting svn log for Import 2011-07-21 16:04:57 starting with revision 0...
Processing svn log...
No revisions parsed.

No more info, so hard to say if anything worked.

I do have 'SVN: Trust All SSL Certs' set on. I tried changing 'https' to 'svn'. I've set the svn path and the system doesn't complain it's a wrong path. I'm lost.

I'm also hitting 180 after the failure :(

I also tried changing user names, urls etc. to incorrect ones - the message is always the same, so it's very hard to understand what is going wrong.

Btw, is there a good forum for issues like this?
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John Reese (administrator)
2011-07-21 10:46

Check this post on basic triage, and see if any of it solves your problem. If not, then unfortunately some debugging would have to be done in the SourceSVN.php to track down where the problem is occurring.

As for issue 180, a "full import" is badly named, as it actually creates a new repo named with a placeholder, does an import, and then if it succeeds, it deletes the old repo data and renames the new one to match what the old one was named. Unless you specifically want to drop all your existing imported data, using "import latest" will do what you want/need it to do without creating multiple repos.
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John Reese (administrator)
2011-07-21 10:53

Oops, forgot to paste the triage link: [^]
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eru (reporter)
2011-07-22 02:23

Hi John, thanks for a quick response.

I tried all that. I have a feeling something silly is happening, but with the amount of info provided by the plugin it's hard to say if it's e.g. the 'svn' binary problem, https login problem, output parsing problem, etc.

Is there e.g. some log with more info? I have limited shell access to the machine, but I can peak around a bit.


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