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215Source Integration[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-09-05 06:172011-09-08 08:16
ReporterRaul Baldner Junior 
Assigned ToJohn Reese 
Product Version 
Target Version0.17Fixed in Version 
Summary215: Check for permissions before displaying links
DescriptionSome links doesn't have permission checks, and are displayed even if the user has no access to that page.

Links that I've found are:
-> Repositories (menu link);
-> (go to) Related Changesets.
Steps To Reproduce"Repositories" menu:
- With access level lower than the plugin's 'view_threshold', go to any page;
- Menu link "Repositories" is there;
- Access "Repositories";
- Get "Access denied" page.

"Related Changesets" link:
- With access level lower than the plugin's 'view_threshold', view any issue that has a changeset attached;
- Over the issue details, you see:
View Issue Details [ Jump to Notes ] [ Related Changesets ]
- Click on Related Changesets;
- Nothing happens (Related Changeset block is correctly not shown on the page).
Additional InformationSolution:

Add the following code:

if ( !access_has_global_level( config_get( 'plugin_Source_view_threshold' ) ) ) {
    return array();

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Raul Baldner Junior (reporter)
2011-09-05 08:02

Another one found:

When linking changesets inside notes ( [sv]:<repo>:<rev>: ), the links are shown even if user has no 'view_threshold' access

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2011-09-05 06:17 Raul Baldner Junior New Issue
2011-09-05 08:02 Raul Baldner Junior Note Added: 308
2011-09-08 08:12 John Reese Assigned To => John Reese
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2011-09-08 08:16 John Reese Target Version => 0.17

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