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051Source Integration[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-07-17 11:472010-01-27 10:15
ReporterJohn Reese 
Assigned ToJohn Reese 
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Target Version0.14Fixed in Version0.14 
Summary051: Allow plugins to hook on fixed-issue changesets
DescriptionAlong with the POSTIMPORT and POSTCOMMIT events, there should be an event for plugins to hook any time there are issues that have been "fixed" by a changeset.

This could potentially allow a plugin to set a custom field value based on the changeset that fixed the issue, etc.
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John Reese (administrator)
2010-01-27 10:15

Fix committed to master branch at 2010-01-27 17:53:29.

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Source Integration: master d09803c4
Timestamp: 2010-01-27 17:53:29
Author: John Reese
Committer: John Reese
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Fix 051: Improved commit post-processing events

Rather than having separated post-processing events for checkin versus
import, the post-processing has been moved to the API function for
processing commit data.

The first post-process event "commits" allows plugins to get a list of
all changesets as they are checked in or imported. The second event
"fixed" allows plugins to see a list of bugs that have been resolved by
changesets, along with the appropriate changeset, as described by
feature request 051.

This commit also removes the postcommit/postimport actions from the
MantisSourcePlugin interface, as they were a deemed uneccesary with the
new implementation, and generally should not be needed for VCS support.
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2009-07-17 11:47 John Reese New Issue
2009-07-17 11:47 John Reese Status new => assigned
2009-07-17 11:47 John Reese Assigned To => John Reese
2010-01-27 10:15 John Reese Note Added: 083
2010-01-27 10:15 John Reese Status assigned => resolved
2010-01-27 10:15 John Reese Fixed in Version => 0.16
2010-01-27 10:15 John Reese Resolution open => fixed
2010-01-27 10:15 John Reese Changeset attached master d09803c4 =>

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