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053Mantis PluginsTimecardpublic2009-08-26 23:482009-09-09 08:31
ReporterDavid Hicks 
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Summary053: Allow users to modify the timestamp for when they spent time on a bug
DescriptionIt seems that the timestamp field within mantis_plugin_Timecard_update_table is unused. This field would be very useful for keeping track of the actual date/time which the "time spent" refers to.

How this would work is as follows:

A user completes some work on a bug. Immediately upon completion, the user types out a new bug note with the "time spent" set at 2hrs. When the user submits the new note, the current timestamp is saved into mantis_plugin_Timecard_update_table to denote that the time was spent between NOW and NOW-2hrs.

A user completes some work on a bug. The user is suddenly interrupted by an emergency and has to leave their desk without recording the time spent. To make matters worse, it is the middle of the afternoon on Friday. It is not until Monday that the user has the opportunity to return to the bug to finish what had already been started. The user would like to backdate some work for Friday and also record some time for Monday as well. The user creates two separate bugnotes and in the first one, specifies that 2hrs was spent between 1200-1400h on Friday. For the second bugnote, they just specify that 1hr was spent (Mantis will default to considering the time to be spent between NOW and NOW-1hr).

Consider case 2 again. The user accidentally selected the wrong time for their work on Friday. It wasn't Friday... they actually spent the time on Thursday. They'd like to go back and update the record so that their time is recorded on Thursday instead of Friday. They find the relevant bugnote to edit and proceed to update the timestamp to reflect the correct time period over which the work was performed.
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David Hicks (reporter)
2009-09-09 08:31

I have some working code @;h=68900a3204d978f3efa3a3de94b14a06d26ff0ef [^]

See what you think... there are likely a number of improvements that can be made to this patch.

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