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089Source Integration[All Projects] Generalpublic2010-01-26 05:522011-10-25 04:19
ReporterDavid Hicks 
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Product Version0.13 
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Summary089: New HgWeb plugin (for Mercurial)
DescriptionI've made a new plugin to work with the HgWeb interface bundled with Mercurial. It behaves a little bit like Gitweb, hence I have based this new plugin off the existing Gitweb plugin.

At the moment the only feature missing is the ability for this plugin to read a list of files added/modified/deleted from a changeset. The reason is that unlike Gitweb, HgWeb doesn't give us an easy way to work out which files have been added/deleted/changed. I'll have to write some code to look at the diff manually to see which files have been modified. To determine whether files have been added/deleted we have to look at the --- and +++ lines in the diff's to find references to /dev/null.

The other thing I need to check is that branches and merge commits (with multiple parents) still work OK.
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David Hicks (reporter)
2010-01-26 06:07

My HgWeb branch:;h=refs/heads/hgweb [^]

You can test it out by searching Google for "hgweb" to bring up some projects using hgweb, then try importing a small project into Mantis.

I've noticed that it is still *very* slow at importing issues, but I guess you'd expect that when importing via HTTP. It'd be good to make a script that can push commits locally at SourceIntegration so that HgWeb can parse them quickly without HTTP overheads.
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MarcoW (reporter)
2011-10-25 04:19

Is this plugin still alive?
How could a mercurial commit hook look like? I have looked at the example hook from the WebSVN, so the script could be like this?:


URL="http://path/to/mantis/plugin.php?page=Source/checkin [^]
PROJECT="Repository Name"


${CURL} -d "repo_name=${PROJECT}" -d "data=${REV}"

But in mercurial, how must the data variable be filled? In the commit function from the SourceHgWeb.php are several split commands.
So i don't know how it must be filled correctly.

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